BENJAMIN, WILLIAM (commonly called "Bill Bainge"):

English pugilist; born at Northleach, Gloucestershire, England, in 1826. Benjamin's first match was with Tom Sayers, the champion of England from 1857 to 1860, for £200 a side, the battle taking place on the Isle of Grain, in Kent, Jan. 5, 1858. Sayers disposed of his opponent in three rounds. A second match, for the same stakes, was arranged, and took place at Ashford, April 5, 1858. On this occasion Benjamin made a strong defense, but was counted out in the eleventh round, despite his protest at being forced from the ring. This encounter somewhat retrieved Benjamin's reputation, which had been lowered by his poor showing in the first battle. That he ultimately became a capable boxer is shown by the fact that on July 29, 1861, at Home Circuit, he fought Dick James of Aberdare, against whom he had been matched for £100 a side, and beat him in two rounds.

  • American Jews' Annual for 5647 (1886-87), pp. 112-113.
J. F. H. V.
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