The first conforming Jew obtaining a degree in a British university; born at Hamburg about 1800; died in 1869. He settled in Dublin in 1829 as teacher of languages; entered the university after a course of private study in 1832; obtained his degree of B.A. in 1836, and of M.A. in 1846. He held the position of deputy professor of German and French at the Dublin University from 1839 till 1842.

Benmohel composed, but never published, the following works: (1) "Orthographia Hebræo-Anglicana," 1830—a new system of writing English in Hebrew current handwriting, after the usage prevailing in Germany; (2) "An Essay in Verse, Toward a Comparison Between the History of the Children of Israel During their Journeys from Egypt to the Promised Land, and That of the Reformation"; (3) "Primitive Ethnology, Tending to Be a Guide, Basis, and Tribute to 'Sammlung Altdeutscher Eigennamen'" (incomplete). He died in Dublin.

  • Anglo-Jewish Exhibition Catalogue, 1887, pp. 22, 33, 62.
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