BERN, OLGA (née Wohlbrück):

Austrian author; wife of Maximilian Bern; born at Vienna July 5, 1865. She went on the stage under her own name, Wohlbrück, and while at the Odeon, Paris, in 1887, married the German author Bern. She abandoned the stage for literature in 1888. She is the author of "Aus Drei Ländern," 1890, short stories; "Unauslöschlich und Andere Novellen," 1892; "Carrière," 1892; "Glück," short stories, 1893; "Das Recht auf Glück," a drama, 1893; and "Vater Chaïm und Pater Benediktus," a novel.

  • Das Geistige Berlin, pp. 22, 23.
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