Editor of some valuable Hebrew works of medieval authors; born at Brody, Austria, at the end of the eighteenth century; died about 1851. He was married at the age of thirteen (a fact of which he bitterly complains), ultimately divorced his wife, and, after the death of his children, went to Paris. There he was very prosperous in business, devoting his leisure to the study and publication of Hebrew manuscripts in the Paris Library. Later he went to Holland and Italy, where he collected a number of Hebrew manuscripts. Returning to his birthplace, he prepared for publication, with the aid of his brother Ephraim, the following works:

(1) "Yeshu'ot Meshiḥo," of Isaac b. Judah Abravanel, Carlsruhe, 1828; (2) "Sefer ha-Nefesh," of Shem-Ṭob Palquera, Lemberg, 1835; (3) "Moreh ha-Moreh," of Shem-Ṭob Palquera, Presburg, 1837; (4) "Ma'amar Yiḳḳavu ha-Mayim," of Samuel b. Judah Tibbon, Presburg, 1837; (5) Moses Naḥmanides' Ḥiddushim on "Shabbat," under the title, "Oẓar Neḥmad," Presburg, 1837; (6) "Minḥat Ḳena'ot," of Abba Mari b. Moses of Lunel, Presburg, 1838; (7) "Sefat Yeter," of Abraham ibn Ezra (edited with preface by Meïr Letteris), Presburg, 1838; (8) "Ha-Paliṭ," a catalogue of eighty valuable Hebrew manuscripts in the possession of Bisliches (described by L. Zunz, with additional critical remarks by Senior Sachs), Berlin, 1850.

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