Russian teacher, and writer in Russian and Judæo-German; born at Dünaburg in 1840; died in Warsaw April 27, 1899. His Russian grammar was recommended for Jewish public schools by the Ministry of Public Instruction. He is the author also of a "German Method" and a "Manual for the Study of Hebrew"; and has translated into Russian the Hebrew prayer-book and the Maḥzor. Of his numerous novels, published in the Judæo-German dialect, may be mentioned: "Der Armer Gvir," Wilna, 1893; "Die Gvald-Shiduchim," Wilna, 1880; "Der Suhn als Schadḥan," 2d ed., Wilna, 1893; "Der Bitterer Tropfen," Wilna, 1894; "Die Waisse mit die Schwarze," Wilna, 1894; "Der Baal Tove," Wilna, 1895.

  • Aḥiasaf, 1900, p. 378.
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