Corrector of the press in the Hebrew printing-office of Uri Phoebus at Amsterdam; lived there in the second half of the seventeenth century. He translated the Bible into Judæo-German (Amsterdam, 1679). The translation, which was the first of its kind of the entire Old Testament, has three introductions, one in Hebrew and one in German, written by Blitz, and the third in Judæo-German by the printer, together with a letter-patent of the king of Poland, Johann III. Sobieski, and approbations by various rabbis. [On the opposition translation of Witzenhausen, which was printed by Joseph Athias, see vol. ii., p. 268]. Blitz also translated into Judæo-German Levi ben Gerson's "To'aliyyot" on Joshua, Judges, and Samuel, published together with the preceding work.

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G. I. Br.
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