German author and traveler; born at Landsberg-on-the-Warthe Jan. 1, 1815; died there June, 1853. He was destined for a commercial career by his parents; and, for the purpose of acquiring a knowledge of international trade methods, was sent through southern Europe. Instead of turning the voyage to this account, Boas utilized the experience and knowledge gained in writing sketches, novels, and other literary productions. His first effort in this direction, "Deutsche Dichter," was published in 1837, followed three years later by "Nachträge zu Schiller's Sämmtlichen Werken." The next year he published a similar work on Goethe, and followed this in a few months by "Des Kriegscommissär Pipitz Reisen nach Italien"—a comic romance revealing considerable talent. In 1842 he wrote "Sprüche und Lieder eines Indischen Brahmanen"; and in 1844 "Pepita," a novel, and "In Skandinavien." His other works are: "Reiseblüthen aus der Oberwelt"; "Reiseblüthen aus der Sternenwelt"; and "Schiller und Goethe im Xenienkampf," 1852.

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