Danish economist; born at Copenhagen Feb. 1, 1844; died there Aug. 6, 1892. He was a brother of the critic Georg Brandes and of the author Eduard Brandes. His avocation was that of banker, but he retired soon from that pursuit and devoted himself to journalistic work. Articles on banking were written by him in "Politiken," "Tilskueren," and, during the last years of his life, in "Börstidningen," of which last he was the editor. In 1885 he published an extensive work on social questions, entitled, "Samfundsspörgsmaal," published in two parts, of which the first part treats of Malthus' "Essay on Population," and the second of the theory of value and other economic and social questions. This latter part especially is characterized not only by its clear and elegant style, but also by views differing from the current economic ideas and bearing the impress of the author's individuality.

  • Salmonsen, Store Illustrede Konversationsleksikon.
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