Russian violinist; born in Taganrog March 21, 1851. At the age of nine he played in a concert at Odessa, attracting much attention. He received his musical education from Professor Helmesberger in Vienna, where he played in his teacher's quartets and in the Vienna court orchestra. After a concert tour in Russia he was appointed (1875) professor at the Moscow Conservatory of Music. In 1879 he directed the symphony concerts in Kiev; and since 1882 has been professor at the Conservatory of Leipsic. The quartet composed of Brodsky, Hans Becker, Novacek, and Julius Klengel has a wide reputation. In 1891 Brodsky went to the United States, where he toured for three seasons. Returning to Germany, he accepted the position of head teacher at the Manchester Royal College of Music and leader of the Hallé concerts. After Sir Charles Hallé's death in 1895, Brodsky was appointed his successor as principal of that college. The quartet arranged by him, and comprising himself, Rawson Briggs, S. Speelman, and Carl Fuchs, has become well known in England.

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