Hungarian physician and author; born at Pápa Oct. 20, 1845; died at Budapest 1901; brother of Lajos Bruck. He studied at the gymnasium and at the University of Budapest; and graduated as doctor of medicine in 1870. He began to practise at Budapest in 1874, and in 1875 became consulting physician at the Erzsébet salt-water baths of the city, which position he held till his death in 1901. He was one of the judges at the National Exposition of 1885, and notary of the sanitary department; subsequently he was appointed a member of the National Sanitary Council. He was also a member of the committee of arrangements for the Millennial Exposition of 1896. His literary works, principally on the treatment of female diseases and hydropathy, appeared in the medical journals "Gyógyászat," "Fürdöi Lapok," and "Pester Medicinische Presse," of which last-mentioned publication Bruck was for a time editor.

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