German dentist and writer on dentistry; born at Breslau Oct. 6, 1840; died there, April 20, 1902. He studied dentistry and medicine at the universities of Breslau, Berlin, Bonn, and Paris; receiving his diploma as dentist from Berlin in 1858, and as doctor of medicine from Breslau University in 1866. In 1859 he became assistant to his father, Dr. Jonas Bruck, a dentist in Breslau, and succeeded him in his practise. In 1871 he was admitted to the medical faculty of the Breslau University as privat-docent, receiving the honorary title of professor in 1891.

Bruck is the author of: "Die Krankheiten des Zahnfleisches"; "Beiträge zur Pathologie und Histologie der Zahnpulpa"; "Ueber Angeborene und Erworbene Defekte des Gesichts und des Kiefers"; "Das Urethroscop und Stomatoscop Durch Galvanisches Glühlicht."

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