BRUCK, MAX (Miksa):

Hungarian painter; born at Budapest 1863; a brother of Lajos Bruck. He graduated from the schools of his native city, and when still a pupil at the Realschule showed a predilection for drawing. He continued his studies at the National Academy of Design, where he occupied himself with wood-carving. In 1880 he accompanied his brother to Paris, where he remained for several years. He also spent three years in Munich. On his return to Budapest he entered Benczúr's School of Arts, and is to-day professor at the Academy of Painting. His best-known pictures are "Zwei Liebespaare," "Nach Hause," "Im Walde" (which are at the imperial castle at Vienna); "Bis Wir Alt Werden" (in the imperial castle at Budapest); "Am Rande der Theiss," "Das Gänse-Mädchen."

  • Selbstbiographie;
  • Pester Lloyd, 1899.
S. M. W.
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