Austrian Hebraist; born in the latter part of the eighteenth century; died about 1846. He is the author of "Ḥaḳirat ha-Emet" (Altona, 1839; 2d ed., Vienna, 1842), a volume of collectanea, including in the first edition a sermon which he delivered in England in the English language, and which was excluded by the Austrian censor from the second edition. His other work, "Ḥezyone Layil," was published posthumously by his son, Isaac Levi Brück (born 1817), a veteran of the Italian wars under Radetzky. In a German preface which he appended to his father's work, Isaac Levi tells his own interesting biography and his experiences with Samuel David Luzzatto while he was stationed at Padua. The work consists of a series of imaginary dream-visits to the other world, in which the manners and conduct of certain classes are severely criticized.

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