Austrian Talmudist and author; born at Neu-Raussnitz, Moravia, Nov. 16, 1812; died at Kojetein Nov. 29, 1889. He attended the yeshibot of Bonyhad, Presburg, and Budapest. After serving as assistant rabbi in his native city, he was elected rabbi at Kojetein (1843), where he remained till his death. Among his pupils were his two sons, Nehemiah and Adolf Brüll, as well as David Kaufmann.

Brüll wrote "Forschungen über Targumim und Midraschim" (1852); "Die Mnemonik des Talmud" (1864); "Mebo ha-Mishnah" (2 vols., 1876, 1885); and a week before his death he published "Ben Zeḳunim" (A Child of Old Age). He contributed to Löw's "Ben Chananja" and Weiss's "Bet-Talmud." His writings are characterized by extensive learning and critical insight.

Jakob Brüll.S.
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