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Babylonian amora of the third century. He is mentioned only twice in the Babylonian Talmud; viz., in Men. 66b, where he refutes R. Kahana, and in 'Er. 8b, where he quotes a sentence of R. Kahana b. Minyomi, who seems to have been his teacher.

Kahana b. Taḥlifa apparently emigrated to Palestine, perhaps in company with R. Zera; for Yer. 'Ab. Zarah ii. 9 mentions him together with Zera and with Hanan b. Bo. This is not certain, however; for the passage reads: "R. Zera, Kahana b. Taḥlifa, and Hanan b. Bo," which may be rendered also "R. Zera Kahana" ("the priest"), since Zera was a priest (Yer. Ber. iii. 5). On this assumption Bar Taḥlifa can not be identical with Kahana b. Taḥlifa.

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