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Reviser of the rabbinical Bible published by the printer König of Basel in 1619; and assistant to Johannes Buxtorf, both the father and the son. At the request of Buxtorf, senior, Braunschweig was permitted to settle at Basel. Upon the circumcision of a son, in 1619, at which several Jews were present, he was fined 400 fs., König and Buxtorf 100 fs. each, and all the Jews who had been present at the celebration were imprisoned for some days. Braunschweig lived later at Lengnau (Aargau) and in Zurich, and attended the fair at Zurzach. He traded in Hebrew books, which he obtained on his journeys through Alsace. In the correspondence between Johannes Hottinger of Zurich and Johannes Buxtorf of Basel, Braunschweig took an important part. He was still living in 1644. Whether he was related to Joseph ben Jacob Braunschweig, whose name appears on the title-page of "Sod ha-Neshamah," printed at Basel in 1608, is not known.

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