German theatrical manager; born at Unterreissheim-on-the-Main in 1782; died at Berlin Nov. 6, 1845. He embraced Christianity when very young, and had to support his father's family when only seventeen years old. After having been engaged for many years in the horse trade at Dessau, he rose to the post of chief military agent, and in this capacity took part in the campaign of 1813-15, under Count Wittgenstein, general of the Russian army. The courage and fidelity displayed by Cerf won for him the favor of Emperor Alexander, who conferred on him a gold medal.

Cerf then settled at Berlin, and obtained from Friedrich Wilhelm III. a perpetual grant for the erection of the Königsstädtisches Theater, which was devoted to French comedy and Italian opera, and which he managed until his death.

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S.I. Br.
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