French soldier and author; born at Strasburg about 1780; committed suicide at Paris, 1826. He led an erratic and adventurous life, wanderingover the world, changing his name and even his religion several times. At one time he is disguised as a Mussulman with the name of "Ibrahim Manṣur Effendi," serving in the Turkish army; at another he is found holding office in Westphalia under the name of "Medelsheim." In 1813 Cerfberr fought against the Servians in Bosnia. At the end of the war he wandered throughout the East, sojourned for a time in Austria and at Naples, and in 1814-17 served in the army of Ali Pasha of Janina.

On his return home Cerfberr published a work entitled "Mémoires sur la Grèce et l'Albanie Pendant le Gouvernement d'Ali-Pacha" (Paris, 1826), containing much valuable information.

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S.I. Br.
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