German Talmudist; died at Halberstadt in 1793. Chaseisch enjoyed an established reputation among his contemporaries as a Talmudist, and was loved and honored by them on account of his modesty. Although his Talmudic attainments entitled him to the position of rabbinical assessor (or "klausner"), he preferred to devote his life to instructing the young in Talmudic science. Notwithstanding his straitened circumstances, he often refused to accept the fees for his lessons. Chaseisch taught not for the sake of profit, but for love of the Torah. As the fruit of his labors, the majority of the Jewish scholars who lived at Halberstadt between 1780 and 1840 owe to him their Talmudic knowledge and religious instruction.

  • Auerbach, Gesch. der Gemeinde Halberstadt, p. 106.
L. G. A. Pe.
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