District town in the government of Mohilev, Russia. The Jewish community of Chaussy dates from the seventeenth century, as appears from a charter granted to the Jews Jan. 11, 1667, by Michael Casimir Pacz, castellan of Wilna, and confirmed by King August III. March 9, 1739. In 1780, at the time of a visit of Catherine II., there was a Jewish population of 355, in a total of 1,057; and the town possessed one synagogue. In 1803 the Jewish population was 453, in a total of 1,185; in 1870 it was 2,433, in a total of 4,167; and in 1897, 2,775, in a total of about 6,000. Some of the Jewish artisans are employed in the tanneries and in silk and woolen factories. The Jewish population in the district of Chaussy (including the town) in 1897 was 7,444, or 8.42 per cent of the total popution.

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