CHELLUS (Χελους; Codex Sinaiticus, Χελους; Syriac version, ):

Place mentioned in Judith i. 9 as lying before Kadesh and the River of Egypt. Reland ("Palæstina ex Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata," p. 717) is probably correct in identifying it with the city of Elusa (according to the Targum, ), which was situated on the south of Beersheba, and was noted for its particular cult. Less probable is the supposition of Movers, according to which Chellus is the Biblical "Halhul," mentioned in Joshua xv. 58. The name does not occur in the O. T., but is found in the form "Alusa" in Josephus ("Ant." xiv. 1, § 4); not identical with "Allus," mentioned by Eusebius and Jerome ("Onomasticon," pp. 85, 6; 211, 3). The modern name is "Chalasa," and the place contains only ruins.

E. G. H.F. Bu.
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