Feminine form of "Canaan"; the name of two men: (1) The fourth-named of the seven sons of Bilham, son of Jediael, of the tribe of Benjamin, a leading warrior in the time of David (I Chron. vii. 10). (2) The father of the false prophet Zedekiah, who encouraged Ahab against Micaiah (I Kings xxii. 11, 24; II Chron. xviii. 10, 23).

Fürst ("Bibl. Jud.") attributes the existence of such names as this and, "Tarsbish" and "Cush" among the Benjamites to their intermarriages with the earlier races. The hostilities which the Benjamites had to endure during the civil war (see Judges xxi.) might have compelled them to establish alliances with their Phenician neighbors.

E. G. H.J. D. B.
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