A son of David, born to him at Hebron. His mother was Abigail, whom David married after the death of her husband Nabal, the Carmelite (II Sam. iii. 3). The parallel account in I Chron. iii. 1 gives his name as "Daniel." In II Sam. iii. 1 the Septuagint reads Δαλοΐα, and in I Chron. iii. 1 Δαμνιὴλ.) (The Alexandrine, however, reads here, too, Δαλοΐα.) It is impossible to restore the original name, although "Daniel" is much nearer than "Chileab." Berakot 4a (Bab.) gives a fanciful interpretation to the name. He was called "Chileab" because he shamed () Mephibosheth in the Law.

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