A name occurring in the long list of those nations supplying merchandise for Tyre (Ezek. xxvii. 23). The Septuagint reads καή Χαρμάν, which seems to point to Carmania. The Targum renders it "the Medes," which Rashi follows. David Ḳimḥi quotes his father's opinion that the word contains the root . The word would then mean "as taught." George A. Smith identifies the name with "Chalwadh." Of all these identifications that of the Targum is the simplest and, perhaps, the most acceptable; for other corruptions of the text have been noted in this verse, and it is probable, as Cheyne suggests, that the first syllable in came from the following , the ר of which fell out owing to the preceding ר.

E. G. H. G. B. L.
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