Beni-Israel soldier and police officer; born 1822; died at Puna Nov. 2, 1867. He enlisted in the Third Regiment of the Bombay Native Light Infantry, in which he served in the Punjab army in the years 1848-49, being present at the siege of Multan and the battle of Gujarat (1849), after which he obtained the Punjab medal with two bars, and was promoted to the rank of subedar in 1853. In 1855 he was made native commandant of the Ahmednuggur police. During the Mutiny he served against the rebel Bhils at the battles of Tursia, Donger, and Punchalla, and received the Order of Merit of the third class for his gallantry. He was subsequently appointed assistant superintendent of police at Puna (March 16, 1863), and died while serving in that capacity. He was held in such esteem that he was appointed chairman of the Puna municipality.

  • H. Samuel, Sketch of the Beni-Israel, pp. 25-27.
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