Journalist and champion of the Jews of Tangier; born at Mogador in 1844; died at Tangier Nov. 9, 1888. He went to England at an early age, but subsequently settled at Tangier, where he remained for the rest of his life.

To the Jews of Morocco Cohen stood in the character of a protector. One of the few independent men among the Moorish Jews, he was unsparing in his denunciation of any infringement of their rights; and in order to make his work more effective he founded a journal edited in French, the "Réveil du Maroc." In the capacity of editor, as the accredited representative of the board of delegates of the American Hebrew congregations, and as correspondent of the Anglo-Jewish Association, he exercised considerable influence. On several occasions Cohen undertook perilous missions into the interior of the country, and to the court of the sultan, in order to be of more effectual service to his coreligionists. The poor Arabs, too, found in him a sympathetic advocate of their cause.

  • Jewish Chronicle, Nov. 16, 1888.
J. G. L.
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