Dutch soldier; born Nov. 27, 1877, in Goes, province of Zeeland, Holland. After a common-school education at his native place, he enlisted in April, 1894, in the Second Regiment of Hussars. Two years later, May, 1896, he resigned, and then enlisted in the Dutch-Indian army for a term of six years, embarking for the Dutch East Indian colonies on June 27 of the same year.

Upon arrival at Sumatra Cohen was appointed to a cavalry regiment. He distinguished himself at the attack on the Achin (Atjeh) camp at Batoe Menek, Sept. 8, 1897, conveying information and messages under fire of the enemy, for which he received honorable mention in a royal decree. Promoted to corporal, in 1900 he was made a knight of the Military William Order of the fourth class for bravery at the storming of Tjot Kala (Achin), Nov. 14, 1899. Under a very heavy fire and a hail of missiles, Cohen rescued a wounded European sergeant-major who had fallen from his horse. Placing him on his own horse and running alongside, he brought the officer safely back to the division.

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  • communication from the Dutch secretary of the colonies, dated June 4, 1901.
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