African rabbi; born in Djerba, North Africa, in 1772; died there April, 1848. Although blind and very poor, he was the author of the following publications: "Netib Miẓwoteka" (The Path of Thy Commandments), a work containing commentaries on the Book of Ruth and on the "Azharot" of Isaac b. Reuben and Solomon ibn Gabirol, as well as a number of prayers and religious poems for the Feast of Weeks, etc. (Leghorn, 1841); "Sifte Renanot" (Praising Lips), a commentary on the prayers for the Days of Penitence, according to the rite of Tripoli (ib. 1837); "Leḥem ha-Bikkurim" (Bread of the First-Fruits), a grammatical work, afterward prepared for publication by David Cohen, a grandson of the author (ib. 1870). His teacher, Ẓemaḥ Cohen, was a dayyan and the author of "Ṭure Zahab" (Plates of Gold), a commentary on the Song of Songs, written in 1786, and published by his grandson, Ḥayyim Cohen, in the work entitled "Na'awah Ḳodesh" (see Ps. xciii. 5), Leghorn, 1872.

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