German physiologist; born at Schneidemühl, Posen, Germany, April 23, 1862. He received his education at the Kneiphöf'sche Gymnasium and at the University of Königsberg, graduating as doctor of medicine in 1886. In the same year he became assistant at the laboratory of medical chemistry and pharmacology at Königsberg. In 1892 he was admitted to the medical faculty of his alma mater as privat-docent, and in 1898 received the title of professor.

Cohn has published several essays on chemical physiology in "Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie," "Archiv für Experimentelle Pathologie," and "Berichte der Berliner Chemischen Gesellschaft." Since 1893 he has been the editor of the chemical department of Hermann's "Jahresberichte für Physiologie."

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