German political economist; born at Bromberg 1862; died in Berlin July 30, 1900. He attended the Joachimsthal-Gymnasium, and studied philology and history at Berlin University, where he took the degree of Ph.D. After graduating he turned his attention to economics. His introduction to journalism took place when he joined the staff of the Oldenburg. "Korrespondenz," and from about 1889 he contributed frequently to Berlin newspapers and periodicals. For a number of years he acted as secretary to Friedrich Goldschmidt in his economic researches and studies. Toward the close of his life Cohn was editor of the "Oekonomist." His work, "Die Finanzen des Deutschen Reiches seit Seiner Begründung" (Berlin, 1899), is the result of a number of years of labor, and is marked by the clear arrangement and the abundance of its material.

  • Allg. Zeit. des Jud. Aug. 3, 1900.
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