Name of a Jewish-Portuguese family, members of which, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, resided in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Brazil, and the West Indies.

1. Abraham Pereyra Coutinho:

Mentioned as living in Amsterdam in 1675.

2. Baruch Mendes Coutin:

Member of the benevolent society Sha'are Ẓedeḳ, founded in Amsterdam 1678.

3. Daniel Coutinho:

Mentioned with No. 1.

4. David Mendes Coutinho:

Mentioned with No. 2.

5. Isaac Henriques Coutinho:

Mentioned in a Jamaica document of the year 1698. Resided at Amsterdam in 1675.

6. Jacob Coutinho:

Son of Moses Henriques Coutinho (No. 11).

7. Jacob b. Abraham Mendes Coutinho:

A brother of Moses (No. 10).

8. Lourença Coutinho:

Mother of the dramatic poet Antonio José da Silva, and widow of João Mendes da Silva; arrested in Rio de Janeiro as a confessor of Judaism, and brought before the tribunal of the Inquisition at Lisbon, where she was imprisoned, and died in 1713 at the age of sixty-one.

9. Manuel Rodriguez Coutinho:

Punished (for the third time) by the Inquisition at Lisbon on the charge of a relapse to Judaism.

10. Moses b. Abraham Mendes Coutinho:

From 1696 to 1711 the owner of a Hebrew printing-establishment at Amsterdam.

11. Moses Henriques Coutinho:

Perhaps a brother of Isaac Henriques (No. 5); lived for a time in Barbados, and settled in Jamaica 1679.

12. Samuel Gomes Coutinho:

Mentioned with No. 1.

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