DEHAVITES (; R. V. Dehaites):

The Dehavites are mentioned among the peoples settled in Samaria who opposed the reconstruction of the Temple at Jerusalem (Ezra iv. 9). Whether the Dehavites are to be connected with a nomadic Persian tribe, the Δήοι, mentioned by Herodotus (i. 125), or with the name of the city of Du'-va, mentioned on Assyrian contract tablets, is doubtful. The Septuagint reads, in codex A, Δαυαῖοι ("the Davæans"), but in codex B the reading is Σουσυναχαῖοι oἰ εὰσίν, which means "the Susamchites who are the Elamites," taking the word translated "Dehavites" as a verb.

K. B. P.
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