American authoress; born June 27, 1867, at New Orleans; daughter of Rabbi Max Del Banco, who died shortly after her birth. Her mother removed to St. Louis, in the public schools of which city the daughter was trained, displaying remarkable poetic talent. Later she was sent to her uncle at Cape Girardeau, Mo., where she attended the State Normal School. After completing the course with honors, she rejoined her mother, who in the mean time had removed to Chicago, in which city Miss Del Banco obtained in 1885 a position as teacher in the public schools; since 1889 she has been assistant principal at the Von Humboldt School. She has been a frequent contributor to both the Jewish and general press, having written a large number of poems, both Jewish and secular; she has likewise translated Kayserling's "Die Jüdischen Frauen," which appeared as a serial in the columns of the "Jewish Advance" and was published in Chicago in 1881; and Alberti's "Ludwig Börne," which appeared in the "Menorah," 1888-89.

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