French dramatic author; born at Neuilly-sur-Seine May 30, 1870. He studied at the Ecole Monge (afterward the Ecole Carnot), and then joined his father, who was a dealer in colonial wares. He soon, however, turned to writing dramas, under the pseudonym "Trebla." Among his plays, some of which are collaborations, are the following: "Par-çi, par-là," "L'Indécollable," "La Confession Naïve," "Le Harem de Pontarlier" (1896); "Vive la Femme," "A Nous la Chanson," "Voyez Terrasse" (1897); "Chez la Couturière," "Le Pierrot Bleu," "Elle" (1898); "Personne," "Vénus Cantonnière," "Pierrot aux Manœuvres," a ballet (1899); "Napolégnon," Nostalgie" (1901). The latter play was prohibited by the authorities. He also published, in 1898, a collection of dialogues entitled "L'Amour en Fantaisies." He had contributed to "La Plume," "Le Grelot," "Le Courrier National," "Fin de Siècle," "Gil Blas," and other periodicals.

  • Curinier, Dictionnaire National.
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