Village in the government of Podolia, Russia. In 1898 it had a population of 6,118, of which 5,230 were Jews. Handicrafts constitute the most important sources of income, 518 persons being occupied by them. About 25 families are engaged in dairy-farming, 17 families in raising tobacco, and others in market-gardening and fruit-growing. Some find employment in factories and workshops, and 165 work as day-laborers. The village has a Linat ha-Ẓedeḳ, a Parnasat 'Aniyyim, a Biḳḳur Ḥolim, etc. There are a Talmud Torah with 20 pupils, a private Jewish girls' school with 17 pupils, and 17 ḥadarim for boys and girls, with 436 pupils.

H. R. S. J.
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