Town in the government of Grodno, Russia. According to the census of 1897 it has a population of 2,289, of whom 1,573 are Jews. The main sources of income are in trade and handicrafts. There are 227 artisans. Shoemaking is the most important industry, affording occupation for 71 persons. The industrial output of the town is sold at the annual fairs. There are 46 Jewish day-laborers, 28 factory employees, and 6 families are engaged in truck-farming. Near the town is situated the agricultural colony of Sinaiskaya, where 30 families are engaged in agriculture. In all they own 187 deciatines of land. The charitable institutions are: Gemilut Ḥasadim, Somek Noflim, Malbish 'Arummim, Linat ha-Ẓedeḳ, Haknas at Orḥim, and Biḳḳur Ḥolim. The town has a Talmud Torah with 50 pupils, and 15 ḥadarim with 150 pupils.

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