Town in the government of Minsk, Russia. The census of 1897 shows a population of 3,647 (other authorities place it at 5,720), of whom more than 3,000 are Jews; in 1860, according to Semenov, "Slovar Rossiskoi Imperii," there were only 790 Jews. The latter are engaged in commerce and trades. There are 368 artisans. Since 1893 the stocking-making industry has developed in the town. The remuneration of labor, particularly of female labor, is very low. For this reason merchants from Wilna find it profitable to supply Jewish girls with machinery and raw material for the making of stockings. The annual value of the stockings made there and sent to Wilna is 25,000 rubles. The abundance of flax in the district enables about 120 Jews to find employment in cleaning it, and there are about 207 day-laborers.

  • Yevreiskiya Chulochnitzy, in Voskhod, 1901, No. 38.
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