Anglo-American actress and singer; born at London in 1852; died in New York city Jan. 23, 1889. She studied music at the Paris Conservatoire under Auber, and made her début Jan. 20, 1870, as the Spanish princess in "Chilperic" at the Lyceum Theater, London. On account of her good voice she was selected to sing in the première of a production of "Carmen" in English, and subsequently as Clarette in "Mme. Angot," Geneviève de Brabant, and in an English version of "Les Dragons de Villars." Then she leased the Haymarket Theater, London, and produced Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury." In 1877 she went to the United States as a member of Colonel Mapleson's Opera Company; but her voice lacking strength, she severed her connection with the impresario. In 1879 she appeared at the Folly Theater, New York, as the heroine in "The First Night." Four years later Mme. Dolaro appeared as Olivette in Planquette's opera of that name at the Bijou Theater. Her voice failing, she forsook opera and joined the company of Mrs. Fiske (then Minnie Maddern), supporting her in Sardou's "Agnes."

Mme. Dolaro wrote two plays, "Justice" and "Fashion"; a novel, "Bella Demoina"; and an autobiography under the rather startling title "Mes Amours."

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