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American pianist; born in Stuttgart April 22, 1839; died in Baltimore, Md., Dec. 28, 1874; eldest daughter of Moritz Eichberg, cantor in Stuttgart. The Eichberg daughters, of whom there were five, inherited musical talent from both parents. Under the tuition of Mathilde Ries, Pauline's gift for music developed so rapidly that she played in public before the age of ten. When she was thirteen Rubinstein heard her play, and introduced her to Meyerbeer, through whose influence she completed her musical education at the Leipsic Conservatorium, then under the direction of Moscheles. Later she played for a season with Rubinstein at Baden. Her greatest triumphs were won as a Chopin performer. Her technique was faultless and elegant, and her musical memory aroused the astonishment of critics. In 1859 she went to New York as a teacher of music, and two years later married Alexander Weiller of Baltimore.

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