EKRON (; LXX. Ακκαρών; probably the modern AÍir):

One of the five cities belonging to the Philistines (Josh. xiii. 3), situated in the maritime plain. It is mentioned in connection with the Ark in I Sam. v. 10, vi. 1-8. Ekron was noted for its sanctuary of Baal-zebub (II Kings i. 2, 3, 6, 16). In later days it is merely named with the other cities of the Philistines in the denunciations of the Prophets (Jer. xxv. 20; Amos i. 8; Zeph. ii. 4; Zech. ix. 5). In the Apocrypha it appears as "Accaron" (I Macc. x. 89), and was bestowed with its borders by Alexander Balas on Jonathan Maccabeus as a reward for his services. Eusebius ("Onomasticon," ed. Lagarde, p. 218) describes Accaron as a large Jewish village between Ashdod and Jabneh. According to Jerome, Turris Stratonis (Cæsarea) was identified by some with Accaron.

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