French Talmudist; born about 1255; martyred on the Jewish New-Year, Sept. 25, 1321; a pupil of Perez ben Elijah of Corbeil, whose sister he married. Estori Farḥi, Eliezer's pupil, in his "Kaftor wa-Feraḥ" mentions a work by his teacher, entitled "Halakot," which, however, has not been preserved. Eliezer is known chiefly by his correspondence and controversies. One of the latter refers to the Talmudic law that a document predated is void. The question arose whether this law was applicable to a deed of gift; after a good deal of correspondence it was decided in Eliezer's favor by Solomon ben Adret. Eliezer suffered death during the terrible persecutions of the lepers. Joseph, the father of Eliezer, was a prominent rabbi and scholar; according to Zunz, Nathanel of Chinon was the father of Joseph; this, however, is doubtful.

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L. G. A. Pe.
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