Palestinian rabbi; born at Jerusalem; died at Alexandria Jan. 7, 1786. In 1763 he became rabbi of Rhodes, and was later offered the chief rabbinate of Alexandria. Though a prolific writer, few of his works have been published. Among these are: "Ḳol Eliyahu," responsa, arranged in the order of the four Ṭurim, and containing some responsa of his brother Abraham Israel and of his son Moses Israel (Leghorn, 1792); "Kisse Eliyahu," glosses and novellæ on the Shulḥan 'Aruk, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, fragments of which appear at the end of Azulai's "Wa'ad la-Ḥakamim"; "'Uggat Eliyahu," responsa (Leghorn, 1830); "Shene Eliyahu," twenty-five homilies (ib. 1806); "Ar'a de-Yisrael," on the methodology of the Talmud, printed, together with "Debar ha-Melek," a commentary on Maimonides, at the end of the "Sha'ar Asher" of Asher Covo (Vienna, 1821). Besides these Elijah left in manuscript eight other works on Talmudic-rabbinic literature.

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