ELIPHELET ("God is deliverance"):

  • 1. The last of the eleven sons born to David in Jerusalem (II Sam. v. 16). In I Chron. iii. 6, 8; xiv. 5, 7, two sons of this name (A. V. "Elpalet" and "Eliphalet"; R. V. "Elpelet" and "Eliphelet") are mentioned, together with a son named Nogah, making the total thirteen.
  • 2. The son of Ahasbai (II Sam.. xxiii. 34), identical with Eliphal, the son of Ur (I Chron. xi. 35), one of David's "thirty" warriors.
  • 3. The third son of Eshek, a descendant of Jonathan (I Chron. viii. 39).
  • 4. One of the clan of Adonikam, who returned from the Exile (Ezra viii. 13 = "Eliphalet," I Esd. viii. 39).
  • 5. A Hashumite, married to a foreign woman (Ezra x. 33; I Esd. ix. 33).
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