The later Greek form of the more ancient Jezreel, and the name of the boundary-plain between the Ephraimitic and the Galilean mountain-chain (Judith i. 8). It is frequently spoken of as "the great valley"—a designation, however, not supported by Old Testament usage. In the latter it is referred to as "the land of the valley" (Josh. xvii. 16) or as "the valley" (Judges v. 15; I Sam. xxxi. 7; I Chron. x. 7). The central portion of the plain was called "the valley of Jezreel" (Josh. xvii. 16; Judges vi. 33; Hosea i. 5); and the portion on the south, "the valley of Megiddon" (Zech. xii. 11; II Chron. xxxv. 22). Its present name is Marj ibn-'Amr. The plain is bounded on the south by the mountains of Samaria, on the north by the Galilean mountain, and on the east by a low mountain-range. To the westward it is 25 meters above sea-level; to the eastward, 120 meters.

E. G. H. F. Bu.
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