Karaite physician; born at Cairo 1161; died there about 1242. Having studied medicine under the Jewish physician Hibat Allah ibn Jami', and under Abu al-Faḍa'il ibnNaḳid, he became the court physician of the sultan Al-Malik al-'Adil Abu Bakr ibn Ayyub, the brother and successor of Saladin. He was also chief professor at the Al-Naṣiri hospital at Cairo, where he had a great many pupils, among them being the historian Ibn Abi Uṣaibi'ah. The latter declared that Abu al-Faḍl was the most skilful physician of the time and that his success in curing the sick was miraculous. Abu al-Faḍl was the author of an Arabic pharmacopœia in twelve chapters, entitled "Aḳrabadhin," and treating chiefly of antidotes.

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