Talmudist; lived in Tunis, and later in Jerusalem; died at Algiers July, 1812. He traveled in the interest of the Jerusalem community. He wrote: "Berit Ya'aḳob," containing sermons, a commentary on Bezalel's "Shiṭṭah Meḳubbeẓet" on Soṭah, and notes of the Geonim on Nedarim and Nazir, with elucidations by Abraham b. Musa (Leghorn, 1800); "Mizbaḥ Kapparah," containing commentaries (his own and others) on various Talmudic treatises, and several sermons on charity (ib. 1810; 2d ed., Lemberg, 1861); "Yerek Ya'aḳob," containing cabalistic notes on the Pentateuch and several treatises of the Talmud, as well as responsa, edited by David Ḥayyim Faitusi, son of the author.

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