German jurist; son of the chief rabbi of Bamberg; born at Bamberg Oct. 9, 1798; died at Fürth Aug. 19, 1872. Having been destined for a rabbinical career, he received a Talmudic education. At the age of fifteen he enteredthe Bamberg gymnasium. In 1818 he went to the University of Würzburg, where he studied first philology, and later law, and whence he graduated as doctor of law in 1822. Unwilling to change his religion in order to gain admittance to the bar, he became editor of the "Aachener Zeitung." A few years later he was appointed to a minor office at the judicial court in Bamberg. In 1831 he removed to Fürth, and became the secretary of the Jewish community. In 1848 he was finally admitted to the bar, and became a counselor at Fürth. Feust devoted himself to writing on jurisprudence, the most important of his works being a translation of the eighteenth, thirty-ninth, and forty-ninth books of the "Pandects," (ed. Karl Sintenis, 1834). In 1868, on his seventieth birthday, the King of Bavaria created him a knight of the Order of Michael.

  • Allg. Zeit. des Jud. 1872, pp. 979-980.
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