German physician and poet; born at Breslau Nov. 10, 1828; died there July 31, 1874. He was educated at the gymnasium and the university of his native town, receiving the degree of doctor of medicine in 1850. The same year he established himself as a physician in Breslau, and in 1854 became at the universityprivat-docent in the history and geography of medicine and in epidemiology.

He contributed to the medical journals many essays on his specialty, and is the author of several works, among which may be mentioned "De Furoribus Epidemicis," Breslau, 1858; and "Zur Geschichte der Syphilis: die Aeltesten Spanischen Nachrichten über Diese Krankheit und das Gedicht des Francesco Lopez de Villalobos vom Jahre 1498," ib. 1870. Finckenstein also wrote: "Dichter und Aerzte," Breslau, 1863; and "Bei Saarbrücken," 1870, a one-act play, which was very successful on the German stage.

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