Christian censor of Hebrew books in Prague; born in Lichtenstadt, Bohemia, July 5, 1755; died at Prague Jan. 22, 1844. He became assistant (1781), and finally successor, to the imperial censor Leopold Tirsch. He possessed an extensive knowledge of Semitic languages and literatures, as appears from his introductory notes to M. J. Landau's "Rabbinisch-Aramäisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch," dated 1818, and to L. Dukes' translation of Rashi, dated 1833. He maintained a correspondence in Hebrew with Rabbi Eleazar Flekeles of Prague.

His learning and impartiality are especially demonstrated in his "Gutmeinung über den Talmud der Hebräer," ed. Em. Baumgarten, Vienna, 1883. Fischer acted for a time as librarian of the University of Prague.

  • Baumgarten's Einleitung to Fischer's Gutmeinung über den Talmud der Hebräer.
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