Austrian physician and chemist; born at Cracow May 22, 1868. After completing his course at the gymnasium of Gratz (Styria), he studied medicine at the universities of Prague, Freiburg in Baden, and Vienna, graduating from the last-named in 1892. After working at the zoological station at Triest and in Strasburg and Cambridge, he went to Vienna, where he lectured on physiological chemistry and pharmacology at the university.

Fränkel has written essays in Pflüger's "Archiv für Physiologie," Hoppe-Seyler's "Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie," "Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift," "Wiener Medicinische Blätter"; "Monatshefte für Chemie"; and the "New York Medical Record." He has also published the following works: "Ueber Spaltungproducte des Eiweisses bei der Peptischen und Tryptischen Verdauung," Wiesbaden, 1896; and "Arzneimittelsynthese," Berlin, 1901.

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